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Wit and Wisdom


Why Blog?

Posted on December 26, 2010 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (22)
Blogging is susceptible to many sins: hyperbole, self-absorption, combativeness.  But at its best, a blog can be a wonderful hybrid, combining the information and insight of traditional journalism with the casual style of a diary entry or conversation.   

I'll use this blog to occasionally comment on the types of issues for which I offer my writing services. Sometimes my post will be a serious analysis, sometimes a spoof.  In either case, I'll get my point across. 

I'll also post new thoughts and ideas on the art and science of advocacy communications-- both my own, and those of others.  The medium may not always be the message, but the medium, format and style of a message can certainly help shape it.

I hope you'll enjoy my observations, and always feel free to leave comments.